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As of September 1st, 2015, I am again gainfully employed!


Kindly disregard the previous article "Looking for Work" and join me in congratulating myself on finding work so promptly!


Contact me for further information.


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--Greggy P, September, 2015

(Originally posted on LinkedIn)

Adelaide: Senior C/C++ Developer,Technical Author, Looking for Work.

A big warm hello to my Linked In associates!

If you're looking for an MS Visual, .NET, Java, PHP, C, C++ or assembly language Senior Developer or Technical Documenter to join your team, I could very well be the perfect candidate for your position. I have worked on well over a dozen well known, published software titles, for DOS, Windows, Linux, PlayStation, X-Box, Nintendo.

I have contributed to most titles I've been involved with from the design phase, authoring detailed design documents, technical specifications, end-user documentation, online help files, API documentation for third party developers, and even detailed internals and system-level specifications required to achieve an ITSEC security clearance. Once signed off, I have typically been responsible for laying the first lines of code based on the design, developing core functionality and features, and supporting many of these titles through several versions of commercial release.

For information on commercially available projects I've been involved with, please refer to my resume, which can be found under the "Publications" section of my profile, and briefly lists most of these projects, grouped by employer.

I adapt to new technologies extremely quickly, and always "hit the ground running" as a new employee. Popular amongst my peers and managers, I'm recognised for contributing well above the average output for production-level source code. I've been regularly recognised and awarded for consistently meeting release deadlines, delivering on or over spec with reliable bug resolution and minimal QA passes.

Being an affable, unobtrusive and largely inoffensive fellow, I bond quickly with  team members as well as my managers, and have what I hope is a tangible positive influence on workplace morale. My sense of humour is well developed, and I have no trouble whatsoever when it comes to articulately communicating in professional, as well as informal situations. I am equally comfortable dealing with clients and staff, as I am delivering an entertaining technical presentation to investors or colleagues.

As of September 2015, I'm available for a more or less immediate start and can interview at short notice. Based in the Eastern suburbs, I'm looking for work that will most likely be located in the CBD, Mawson Lakes, Edinburgh. Or somewhere else. I am possibly willing to relocate (interstate only) for the right placement.

Recruiters and HR staff should inspect my Linked In profile, and pay particular attention to the "Publications" heading where links to my most current CV as well as examples of my work can be found.

Thank you for your attention.

Greg "Greggy P" Payne

August 2015

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