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Abolish the 3am Lockout!

Adelaide Nightlife: End the 3am lockout!

Sign the petition if you agree that Adelaide's nightlife laws are wrong. Currently, while punters can remain in a pub or club until closing time, no establishment is allowed to permit entry after 3am. Meaning that the first time you need to smoke or vomit after 3am, your night is pretty much over.

My reason for signing:

"Not everyone's routine is nine to five, spare a thought for the insomniacs and those who plan ahead to enjoy a night to its fullest until daybreak.

Personally, I've not been up or out that late in decades, but remember what it was like. And you didn't want your night ruined because of some knee-jerk law that ruins it for everyone. The vast majority of nightlife seekers are well behaved and do nothing more than boost the economy for the hospitality industry. Laws like this make us a laughing stock with the other states and are akin to being governed by Fat Cat, who sends all the children to bed by half past eight!"