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Creative Writing and random stuff I've written or plagiarised and remembered to save into this site from over the years.

Examples of some of my professional work throughout the years.

Articles containing general information about the site and Greggy P.

News and updates for family, friends, employers, associates.

Documents describing various subjects I have offered tutoring in, including documents, cheat-sheets and other study guide related materials.

A place I use to store work and documentation for things I am currently working on. Typically this is stuff related to my day job, but is likely to become a data repository for all works in progress. Contains source code, documentation, design docs, random musings, scribbles and scratchings, whiteboard screenshots, and anything else related to a project I am currently working on. Ideal location for sharing data between work and home and anywhere else I might find myself working on something of relative importance.

Useful links to other sites.