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1. Save the world.


2. Systematically transform the world into a utopia for everyone.


3. Become super-rich and successful, but only so that our Mums can brag about us.




If you're brave enough to have your time wasted by more of this hyperbole, do please scroll down and complete the incomplete survey I have included below that quietly works out what you'd be best suited for in the upcoming co-operative goalsetting and achieving that will continue to sweep the globe like never before in history.





  • Welcome! My name is Greg Payne and I'd like to welcome you to my awkward  presence on the fringes of the information superhighway.



  • Alternatively you can Download it as a Microsoft Word .docx file, Regrettably, I am completely unable to view it correctly from my home Linux computer, so do please forgive me if Google Documents has exported it unformatted and hideous for your Word viewer.


  • Some examples of my work can be found here (This includes some rather exciting system-level code from Norman Data Defense Systems, if I recall correctly).



  • What do I get up to lately when I'm not working? Have a look at a random slice of stuff I've done here.


  • Lastly, you may be wondering about the so-called "associates" of Greggy P, and Associates, or perhaps you'd like to associate yourself more intimately with me yourself. For anyone this brave I include a quick summary of what the corporate entity, "Greggy P. and Associates" wants to achieve. Just what is our vision, our primary mission directives, so to speak? And exactly what are we doing here on Earth anyway, and how will our activities affect the other earthlings such as your good self, dear reader? By all means if you are curious, simply follow this link!


Thank you kindly for reading.

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  • Greg "Greggy P" Payne
  • [30th July, 2015]

Welcome to the official home page of GreggyP and Associates!


Greggy P. is a senior software engineer, a published technical author, an amateur creative writer and a terrible chess player.


Please click here to learn more about Greggy P. and his ethereal Associates and the things we all do around here. Please bear with us whilst the site is under construction.


Please click here to visit a brief blog with links to the latest news. As of September 2015, I will be beginning the next chapter of my career, meaning that the coming months would be an ideal time for people to let me know about their exciting projects. This could be in the form of a contract or full;-time role based in Adelaide. For a permanent link to this announcement, please click here.


Thanks for reading,

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Signed, "The Associates"